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We are Viviana, Martina & Claudia, native Italian tutors born in Rome, and we study and work in several countries across Europe. We love teaching Italian online because we love Italy, and our mission is to promote Italian culture around the World.


I was born in Rome, and I have always been passionate about all forms of language, verbal and non-verbal. I have a degree in Modern Literature, in which I was able to direct my studies and interests towards linguistics and, after many years in Scotland, now I am attending a research Masters in Linguistics in Utrecht.

Over the years I have understood how communication and languages are fundamental and how the knowledge of these allows a deep knowledge of the culture of the language. Also, I think learning a language is a wonderful way to train the brain and learn to think in different ways. For this reason, as a native Italian tutor, I am not a fan of mnemonic teaching of the language, but my aim is to make my students understand the mechanism and general behaviour of Italian. My approach, in fact, is both linguistic and philosophical in this sense very important to teach Italian for beginners.


I was born in Santa Marinella, a seaside town near Rome, and I have been passionate about languages since I was a child. As a language learner first, and a language teacher later, I cultivated this passion and fell in love with the process of language learning: I love transmitting my devotion to my students and seeing them delighted and satisfied.


I graduated from a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Linguistic mediation at Università di Roma Tre, and from a Research Master’s degree in Linguistics, at Utrecht University. Now, I speak and teach Italian, English, and Spanish, and I also studied Russian and French.


For me, the key for studying a new language is not knowing many words but rather understanding the mechanism behind it and my training in linguistics is perfect for this purpose!


I was born in Civitavecchia, the city harbour of Rome, and my passion for travel led me to become a travel agent director and tour leader, in Italy and abroad.

In 2015 I started teaching Italian in one-to-one lessons, small groups and on-line both for beginners and intermediate learners. Then, I focused my lessons on Italian for traveling and GCSE exam preparation.

Lastly, if you plan a vacation to Italy, I would be delighted to offer the most common types of accommodation, with transfers and tour guides in Italian, or in your native language, to discover the beauty of Italy and “La Dolce Vita”.